Our Team


Daniel Hyunjae Cho

Dr. Daniel Hyunjae Cho, ND (Naturopathy), founder and CEO of the Dental Solution Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry which makes him the best person to trust in this market. He lives to produce the best quality dental restorations for the Dental patients in the world.


Development of Synspar Porcelain Jenertic/Pentron Inc, Connecticut, USA (4 years)

Development of Tescera Composite Material Bisco Inc, Chicago, USA (3 years)

Development of VPS Impression Materials Bisco Inc, Chicago, USA (3 years)

Development of TDS CAD/CAM system The Dental Solution, Inc. Seoul, Korea

Development of Microwave Zirconia Sintering The Dental Solution, Inc. Seoul, Korea

Furnaces Development of Natura Z to create ZIMO The Dental Solution, Inc. Seoul, Korea

His experience also includes researching and developing various dental materials, and establishing top notch dental laboratories in the USA. He also owned and worked in five well known dental labs in various locations in the USA; New York, California and Texas. During his stay in America he was also able to lecture to thousands of dental labs to demonstrate his expert techniques and showcase world class products. He has also developed a new milling technique: O.2mm thin or thinner zirconia veneer milling which could be used for non-prepped veneers and zirconia veneer inner surface treatment technique for high bonding strengths.


Gary Im

Mr. Gary Im has worked in different parts of the world and serves The Dental Solution, Inc as the CFO. His experience and wisdom is key for the success of The Dental Solution, Inc. He is always happy to meet all the guests and has an extensive knowledge of Korea and its people.


1975 Korea University, Law college (major/degree) Seoul, Korea


1975-2000 Korea Exchange Bank (Clerk ??General,; HQ, Local and Overseas Branches) Seoul, Korea

2001-2003 Bankruptcy Trustee Seoul, Korea 2003-2005 Interflex Co (Senior Director) Seoul, Korea

2005-2006 Terranix Co (President) Seoul, Korea

2006-2007 China Circuit Co (President) Tian Jin, China *made electronic devices for cell phones sold to Samsung

2007-2008 Hi-Mo Inc (Mang. Advisor) *In Nepal for a feasibility study

2008-Present The Dental Solution, Inc. (CFO & Vice President) Seoul, Korea


1983 Eckerd College ELS course (USA Florida, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg)

1983 International Correspondent Banker Program First State Bank of California (California, LA)


1980 Awarded presented by the Minster of the Ministry of Finance (Award for banking work procedure development)

Technical Education consultant

Mr. Paul A Fiechter, MDT

At international congresses, Paul A. Fiechter is a welcome opinion leader in aesthetics of anterior and posterior teeth. Moreover, he studies intensively the natural chewing surface and its function principle. Until now, Paul A. Fiechter is one of the few opinion leaders strongly engaged in aesthetics and who is able to give detailed statements about the function of the ceramic veneered occlusal surface. Since 1988 he is travelling all over Europe, Japan, South America and the United States giving lectures. He also played a substantial role in the lab-technical development of the LFC full ceramic system and the Ducera light dynamic sets. During the last years, Paul A. Fiechter studied more and more the light-optic phenomenon of teeth. He has been one of the first opinion leaders worldwide understanding and interpreting the correlation between fluorescence and opalescence in the ceramic layer technique. Shortly he developed in close cooperation with Heraeus Kulzer the Matrix ceramic sets. These ceramic masses interact with changing lighting conditions and produce a natural and lively play of colors. http://www.paul-fiechter.com

Marketing Representative

Mr. Bruno Czylewicz, MDT

Mr. Bruno Czylewicz, MDT Graduated from Dental Technician School in Lodz – Poland in 1986. Worked in Canada since 1991, in several well known Dental Laboratories in Toronto. From 1997 to 2003, worked together with Prof. Dr. Nils Nobreus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a part of Implant Team at Ajaji Dental Center. Presently working for Drs. Nicolas & Asp Dental Center in Dubai, managing and supervising Dental Laboratory. Garnered 25 years of experience in Dental Technology including 18 years of practical experience in Dental Implants. 2nd Place Winner in Implantology at Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Award 2009 Dubai. A Global Representative for ZIMO and Dental Solution Inc. – Seoul , South Korea. Technical Consultant for Nobel Biocare . Participated in conferences and trainings in Canada, USA, England, Germany, Poland, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates, South Korea.

Administration manager

Ken Jang


Korea Open University (Business Administration)

Shinheung University (Dental Laboratory Technology)


Ken Jang is an IT manager & Export/Import manager at The Dental Solution, Inc. He has been working for the company since 2006. He believes that he has grown significantly (his work capacity wise) along with the growth of the company. Due to many different skills that he possesses, he is capable of and in charge of doing many things. As a result, he has many titles; a dental technician, a CAD/CAM designer, a communicator, an IT manager and Export/Import manager. He designed and built the CAD/CAM system for dental restorations; he communicates with clients day and night; and is in charge of all IT system at TDS including company website, network system, and production system. Ken Jang has two majors: one is dental technology, the other is business administration. Since dental technology is a very difficult field to study by itself, not too many people study another major. However, he was anxious for wider and in-depth experience in the dental field, and hard-working and passionate about what he does by nature, he decided to study another major, a major that differs much from the first one. He wishes to study more in the future, hoping that it will not only benefit him but also expedite the company's success.

Customer Service Director

Chris Kwon

Chris Kwon is a Customer Service manager of The Dental Solution, Inc. His father used to be a dentist in Korea and also learned dental lab skills. He went over to Atlanta, USA in 2000 and opened his own full service dental laboratory, RJ Dental Lab. He had trained dental lab skills and many knowledge from his father. He worked at RJ for 8 years as a Dental technician and general manager. He hired at TDS in 2012 as a customer service representative, since then, he has been providing to the clients with outstanding service and the trust with his dental knowledge and professionalism.